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  1. I just wanted to thank the staff at United Heart Hospital & Clinics for taking such a great care of me when l was ill. I could tell that the staffs worked very well as a team and ensured that l received high quality care.                                         Doralthy Johnson 14/01/2020.
  1. Good doctors, good staffs, the doctor and reception service was superb.

Angela Peter 14/01/2020.

  1. Great service, great people. United Heart delivered professional services.                                                                         Ifunnaya Oogbogu 16/01/2020.
  1. Good courtesy and care is imbibed in all staff. Hope Chibueze 20/01/2020.
  1. Very good and excellent services. Kunle Oyeniyi 21/01/2020.
  1. Promptness in attention and politeness of staff. Mariam Mohammed 23/01/2020.
  1. Prompt Service, patient care and nursing care is fantastic. Grace Albert 28/01/2020.
  1. United Heart Hospital is very friendly, accommodating and lovely staff.                                                                                                         Nina Giwa 30/01/2020.
  1. Good staff, good hospital. Wonderful staff, I love everything l see.                                                                                                 Charles Odion 31/01/2020.
  1. I am impressed with the level of care and professionalism I encountered. I was able to walk in and l was seen within minutes.             Bingwen Bo 05/02/2020.
  1. United Heart hospital is a great team, promptness to service make them unique.                                                                      Ikechukwu Ugochukwu 14/02/2020.
  1. Prompt attendance to issues, thank you United Heart.                Rodney Bolade 21/02/2020.
  1. Professional conduct and warm reception. It was a good experience. No name 21/02/2020.
  1. Good service and good attention. I was happy. Joseph Abolaji 22/02/2020.
  1. United Heart Hospital takes good care of me, l was very happy.                                                                                         Hassan O. Hassan 24/02/2020.
  2. I enjoyed everything about the services provided and impressed with the uniformity of the staff.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sarah Adeboyo 27/03/2020.
  1. United Heart Hospital and Clinics gave quick attention to issues and nice communication.                                                                         Chiamaka Nwonkwo 02/03/2020.
  1. Friendly staff, the fact that l could do all my test procedure in-house.                                                                                         Segun Adebayo 05/03/2020.
  1. United Heart Hospital gives quality of services, they are professionals.                                                                                                     Joyce David 06/03/2020.
  1. Its my first time here and am really happy with your services. Ajayi Bryan 04/03/2020.
  1. Very good environment, good work ethics and good conversation with clients.                                                                                         Seyi Badmus 04/03/2020.
  1. The attention given is commendable, prompt result of test, United heart standard is A.

Vivian Chukwuma 09/03/2020.

  1. The customer service is efficient and Covid-19 precautionary measure is topnotch.                                                                                                                                          Chida Odinaka 11/03/2020.
  1. Exellent Covid-19 precautionary measure. Mohammed Usman. 07/05/2020.
  1. I am well impressed with excellent service l got and l will continue to patronized the Hospital.                                                                                                         Amaka John 15/05/2020.
  1. Great precautionary measure on Corona prevention, well-done United Heart.                                                                                                                                                     Edosa Joseph 27/05/2020.
  1. Great service, the Nurses called to check on us. Benedicta James 09/06/2020.