January 20, 2020
chili pepper

Consumption of Chili Pepper Cuts Down the Risk of Death from Heart or Cerebral Attack

Neuromed researchers observed that in people regularly consuming chili pepper (four times a week or more), the risk of dying of a heart attack was cut by 40 percent. Risk reduction for cerebrovascular mortality was more than halved.
November 4, 2019

For The First Time Walking Patterns Identify Specific Types of Dementia

Walking may be a key clinical tool in helping medics accurately identify the specific type of dementia a patient has, pioneering research has revealed. Scientists at Newcastle University have shown that people with
September 9, 2019

Good Heart Health at Age 50 Linked to Lower Dementia Risk Later In Life

Good cardiovascular health at age 50 is associated with a lower risk of dementia later in life. Dementia is a progressive disease that can start to develop 15-20 years before any symptoms appear, so identifying factors that might prevent its onset is important.